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Christina Hoxie

"Blue River" by Pat Whalen

After grad school in 2008 I came to KCMO to work for a planning and architecture office focused on sustainability and environmental regeneration. That following spring I joined my colleagues at the Blue River Rescue cleanup day. This touchpoint sparked my curiosity about this important waterway and its history as an ecological and social connector of communities. It is sometimes referred to as Kansas City's River, and I think it can be seen as a reflection of the health and care of our people and places over time.

Every time I see a map of the region, pick up trash on my walks, or hike a trail nearby the river I think about this long meandering stream and how interdependent we are and always have been.

The Blue River is part of my everyday story now. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and sometimes I feel energized, but HCA heartens me to keep working with all of the partners I can towards a reflection of better health and care.

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