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Conservation Program Update

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

In May Heartland Conservation Alliance hosted five students from Build Trybe in conservation training workshops. The workshops are part of a developing program for students interested in conservation careers and aim to teach practical skills to prepare them for the workforce.

During one workshop the students met at The Municipal Farm. Located on the bank of the Blue River east of the Brush Creek confluence, the students learned from Habitat Architects and Kansas City Parks and Rec, who led a tour of the restoration site and taught tree identification, herbicide management and using a backpack sprayer, and work site safety.

(From left) Bill Fessler and Ryan Bath led a tour of The Municipal Farm. Municipal Farm has been in City ownership since 1911 and benefits from its close proximity to important regional amenities and natural resources. Photo by Sarah Benal

In this Action Area, the Blue River has been altered by the US Army Corps of Engineers to control flooding. The Municipal Farm is owned by the City of Kansas City, Mo. and is surrounded by industry and residential neighborhoods struggling with crime, poverty, and environmental challenges. The Municipal Farm has been overgrown with invasive species, resulting in a monoculture of understory species displacing native wildlife.

The restoration goal is to create a healthy cross-section of aquatic and terrestrial habitat types in close proximity, supporting a diverse wildlife community across seasons and life stages.

The Conservation Work Group met to review HCA’s contractor, Courtney Masterson's recommendations for the Blue River Action Plan. The draft report will be completed this summer and shared with stakeholders for feedback. The final report will be published this fall.

The next Conservation Work Group meeting is Thursday, 6/17/21 at 4:30pm.

The next Policy Work Group meeting is Friday, 6/25/21 at 3pm.

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