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Conservation Program Update

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

With support from Hilary Noonan, Syntax Lands, and Regan Tokos, Hoxie Collective, HCA held a design charrette with residents in Town Fork Creek to identify a vacant lot for a possible future restoration project. Residents who attended and participated in the facilitated visioning process developed initial designs for a vacant lot. This is part of our Restoring Vacant Lots program and is funded by the Health Forward Foundation.

For Restoring Vacant Lots, the group reviewed the conditions of a vacant lot in the neighborhood and spent the morning brainstorming a design for what the lot could look like in the future. Photo by HCA.

As part of wrapping up data collection for the Blue River Report Card, HCA led a group of Stream Team volunteers on Tuesday June 6 to conduct a stream visual assessment of 14 sites along the Blue River. With support from KC Water, The Nature Conservancy - Kansas, USGS and Overland Park, HCA will add the collection of water quality data and macroinvertebrate data.

The Build Trybe crew members worked in Blue Valley Park with Habitat Architects to complete the wetland construction with native plants. This is one of the final pieces of HCA's 2018 grant with the National Parks and Recreation Association.


The next Conservation Work Group meeting is Thursday, 7/15/21 at 4 pm.

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