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Conservation Program Update

On October 15, with funding from the Industrial Development Association, HCA assisted a small team in exploring the Blue River Valley for redevelopment projects. HCA led a kayak float trip on the upper branch of the Blue River and a driving tour of the lower branch of the watershed. This was part of a learning session for the team members to understand how regenerative solutions can be applied to industrial areas around the Blue River. They floated from Blue River Park down to Minor Park, and then explored Municipal Farm, the confluence of Brush Creek and the Blue River, Blue Valley Park and Custom Truck.

Board Member Bill Blessing joined the tour and shared important information about the Blue River trails. HCA Board Member Regan Tokos was part of the Hoxie Collective team and collected drone photos of the river.

Blue River Park looking North at the river, and Southeast to the horizon. Photo by Regan Tokos, Hoxie Collective, HCA Board Member.

On October 28 HCA Program Manager, Meghan Freeman, former Executive Director, Jill Erickson and HCA interim Executive Director, Sam Bennett were among 15 attendees at the Palestine East Community Advisory Board meeting. Residents shared ideas of how they might preserve and use a forest corridor that runs through the neighborhood.

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