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Conservation Program Update

Fifty percent of the Municipal Farm is targeted for habitat restoration (about 2/3 in forest) in a city-adopted plan for integrated ecosystem restoration, agriculture, and recreation. Photo by Madeline Putman

On November 1, HCA Nature Action Crew Leader Magali Rojas and Interim Executive Director Sam Bennett joined HCA Scott Schulte for a tour of Municipal Farm that included the EPA, Habitat Architects, the City Manager’s office and the Conservation Fund. The group discussed the site’s success story and how it could be a model for other wetland restoration projects in underserved and economically disadvantaged communities in the Kansas City Metro area.

The Nature Action Crew hired a new crew member, Tabitha Carr. She is working on getting her bachelor's degree in Marine Biology and Geology. She has volunteered with Urban Trail Co., helping create mountain biking and hiking trails and removing bush honeysuckle. HCA and Nature Action Crew Leader Magali Rojas plan to hire six more youth to do restoration work in our Action Areas.

On November 3, the Conservation Work Group met for the last time in 2021. The Blue River Action Plan and the Blue River Report Card have begun the final editing process this month and are on track to be released by the end of the year.

On November 14, Nature Action Crew Leader Magali Rojas and HCA Interim Director Sam Bennett joined Kristen Bontrager, Matt Hart and Roberta Vogel-Leutung on a tour of the Charlotte Sawyer Nature Area, which has been owned by the Platte County Land trust since 1990. The group toured the area to gather inspiration for the Heartland Overlook Preserve


The Conservation Work Group and the Policy Work Group will merge in 2022. A meeting schedule is still under consideration.

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