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Conservation Program Update

The Conservation Work Group works to protect natural resources, improve water quality in the Blue River, and identify and support projects that meet conservation goals and benefit community. These projects and goals help HCA organize regular restoration workdays like the one seen in the photo above. Photo by Magali Rojas.

On Thursday, June 30 the Conservation & Policy Work Group met to discuss ongoing conservation projects and HCA’s developing conservation plan. As part of this plan, the work group is considering advocacy tools for public access to help promote restoration activities and conservation easements in the Blue River Watershed.

The 2022 Blue River Action Plan is complete and available on Heartland Conservation Alliance’s website. HCA and others are actively working to improve the health of this watershed by focusing resources in eight Action Areas that represent varying geographic areas and types of habitat. In each Action Area, this Plan outlines current and potential conservation projects of varying scale and type within the watershed. To learn more and read about the 2022 Blue River Action Plan, visit HCA’s website.

The 2021 Blue River Report Card is also available on our website, which explains how the Blue River earned a “C” letter grade. The Report Card also outlines the opportunities to improve the health of the Upper, Middle, and Lower watersheds.


The next Conservation & Policy Work Group meeting is to be determined. If you are interested in joining the Work Group, contact Magali Rojas,

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