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Conservation Program Update

HCA contractor, Courtney Masterson of Native Lands LLC, met members of the Conservation Work Group reviewed plans for updating the 2021 Report Card. The group discussed revised metrics for two Action Areas in the Blue River Action Plan. The next steps will be convening six committees, representing each Report Card indicator, to review the 2019 data.

Blue Valley Park is one of HCA's action areas. The portion of the Blue River near Blue Valley Park has been egregiously altered to fix flooding problems.

The Policy Work Group met Friday and reviewed the Healthy Watershed Resolution and outlined a plan for getting the resolution adopted this year. The goal of the Healthy Watershed Resolution is to define watershed health for the Blue River watershed and propose ordinances for watershed-wide adoption that will help attain and maintain watershed health.


The next Policy Work Group meeting is Friday, 2/26/21 at 3pm.

The next Conservation Work Group meeting is Thursday, 3/18/21 at 4pm.

If you would like to attend a Work Group, contact Jill Erickson,

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