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Education & Outreach Program Update

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

This is the final month for the Exploring Roots Summer Adventure Challenge which will take place at Camp Branch Glade Park in Stillwell, KS. This 58-acre park is nestled in the headwaters of the Blue River and offers a woodland trail perfect for hikers of all skill levels. Accept the challenge and find a keychain you can redeem for prizes including a RoKC day pass, a poster created by Kelly Pullen, a Kansas City artist, or a Ruby Jean’s smoothie voucher. If you sign up, you are registered to win the grand prize. This month, claim your prize at RoKC Climbing Gym in Olathe.

On August 22 HCA led a restoration workday at Municipal Farm with 30 students from Rockhurst University as part of their annual Finucane Day of Service. These restoration warriors removed invasive bush honeysuckle supporting a 28-acre wetland restoration project in partnership with the City of Kansas City, Mo. and the Mo. Department of Natural Resources. The students learned about urban conservation that improves the health of the Blue River Watershed.

The Municipal Farm, one of eight Action Areas where HCA focuses resources and efforts, is 422 acres of land along the Blue River owned and managed by the City of Kansas City, Mo. Restoration efforts are improving critical habitat for wildlife. Photo by Sarah Benal

On August 28 HCA kicked off the fall restoration season at the Heartland Overlook Preserve (aka The HOP.) This 40-acre oak-hickory forest on the bluffs of the Blue River is threatened by invasive bush honeysuckle. If you’re interested in helping to save the HOP, check out the community calendar for upcoming workdays and join us! The next volunteer workday is September 11, 9am - 12pm. All are welcome!


The next Education & Outreach Work Group meeting will be Thursday, 11/11/21 at 10 am.

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