The Blue River

Action Plan

The Blue River Action Plan is a culmination of decades of efforts from various regional plans including initiatives such as the Mid-America Regional Council’s MetroGreen Plan, KC Water’s Combined Sewer Overflow Plan, the Upper Blue River Watershed Plan, and Kansas City WildLands’ Conservation Opportunity Action Plan. The Blue River Action Plan aims to prioritize and summarize the extensive work required to restore the health of the Blue River watershed.


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Action Areas: Focal Points for Change


Eight Action Areas within the Blue River watershed were identified to serve as focal points for restoration and conservation efforts. Each area represents a unique geographic location with varying types of habitat. The Heartland Conservation Alliance, along with other organizations, actively works in these areas to improve the health of the watershed. The current and potential conservation projects are outlined in the Plan within each Action Area. 

Understanding Focal Species and Keystone Habitats

The Blue River Action Plan highlights a few focal species – plants or animals native to a region that depend on key habitats – to underscore the importance of protecting their habitats. Additionally, the keystone habitats in each Action Area showcase HCA’s strategic focus on specific ecosystems.

The Blue River Action Plan – Action Areas

The Blue River Headwaters







Total Area: 17,828 acres

Restoration Area: 3,000 acres

Habitat: Ephemeral Streams

Focal Species: Redbelly Snake

Blue River Parkway









Total Area: 993 acres

Restoration Area: 40 acres

Habitat: Healthy riparian corridor and floodplain

Focal Species: Pawpaw

Alex George Wetland at Blue River Parkway











Total Area: 1,416 acres

Restoration Area: 60 acres

Habitat: Bottomland forest and wetland

Focal Species: American Beaver



Total Area: 2,810 acres

Restoration Area: 10 acres

Habitat: Wetland

Focal Species: Monarch Butterfly


Swope Park


Total Area: 1,738 acres

Restoration Area: 25 acres

Habitat: Upland woodland

Focal Species: Prothonotary Warbler


Municipal Farm


Total Area: 1,393 acres

Restoration Area: 35 acres

Habitat: Bottomland woodland and wetland

Focal Species: Tri-color bats


Heart of the City


Total Area: 1,731 acres

Restoration Area: 65 acres

Habitat: Urban forest

Focal Species: Ruby throated hummingbird


Blue Valley Park


Total Area: 2,464 acres

Restoration Area: 65 acres

Habitat: Oxbow wetland and riparian forest

Focal Species: Red-eared slider


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