Strategic Plan


In 2023, Coneflower Consulting led Heartland Conservation Alliance staff, board members, and stakeholders in strategic planning workshops. These workshops involved structured discussions and planning in order to identify our goals for the next five years.


Download to read the full 2023 – 2027 HCA Strategic Plan

Core Values


Along with developing a targeted strategy with goals, objectives, and key actions to better align HCA with our stated mission, Coneflower Consulting guided HCA in identifying our core values. The core values listed here are our strongly held beliefs that have been freely chosen, publicly affirmed, and acted upon with consistency.

Inclusive Collaboration: As an alliance first and foremost, we prioritize collaboration with both regional and national organizations that share our vision for healthy natural resources. The Heartland Conservation Alliance recognizes that the environment suffers when decision-making fails to include everyone. By engaging historically excluded stakeholders, we help improve the health of humans and nature. We promote inclusive collaboration, justice, equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in all our internal operations and external relations.

Sustainable Stewardship: The Heartland Conservation Alliance is passionate about being a good steward of lands entrusted to our care, and we are dedicated to creating a sustainable natural environment that will enhance Kansas City communities for generations to come. We exemplify these values in our conservation work and community outreach, as well as our internal business practices and approach to partnership development.



Engaging Education: At the Heartland Conservation Alliance, we believe the best way to protect our current and future environment is by passing on conservation knowledge, behavior, and skills. We also know that our impact is only as strong as the Kansas City communities who believe and participate in our work. We strive to continuously find innovative and productive ways of equitably engaging diverse communities in cutting-edge conservation education, outreach, and workforce training.

Trust and Teamwork: As a land trust as well as an alliance, we know the importance of being trustworthy. HCA is committed to transparency. We invite our partners, stakeholders, and the general public to openly engage with us in genuine conversations about our organization, conservation work, and advocacy. When we can trust each other, openly working together becomes both easier and more fun.