Green Guard Environmental Stewardship Program


Heartland Conservation Alliance’s Green Guard Stewardship Program connects community members to nature and teaches participants hands on skills to become more involved in environmental stewardship. In turn, preserving their natural areas helps them preserve their local identity. An appreciation for nature is a social value that can be learned from the stewards we train as they work in their community. As one’s sense of place evolves so does the pride they take in their community.  In February 2016, Heartland Conservation Alliance launched its first class of stewards partnering with East High School.

2024 Green Guard Stewardship Training

Funded by KC Water, the Green Guard Stewardship Training Program seeks to increase community understanding and awareness of issues facing the Blue River and offer hands-on training to empower people to take action by serving as stewards. The training will focus on water quality education and engage new stewards with ideas for behavioral change across multiple generations.

The training program is FREE and open to any individual. Stewards who complete the training will receive a stipend at the final workshop.  All tools, instruction, and snacks will be provided as well. 

The hands-on training offers fellowship and positive experiences with nature to help change how people perceive nature, care for nature and interact with nature. Green Guard equips Stewards with the right resources and empowers them to address their needs for years to come through exposure to the positive health benefits of nature.

Past Green Guard Programs

The Green Guard Stewardship Program has hosted with Ivanhoe, Blue Valley, Marlborough and Seven Oaks Neighborhoods. The neighborhood classes convened once a week for 10-12 weeks each spring and fall. A four 4-week version of Green Guard has also been hosted with HCA’s Alliance partners across the Kansas City metro area with funding from KC Water.

The program provides a stipend and resources each week. Our partners help teach each class, introducing community members to a wide array of expertise and opportunities. The Green Guard Stewardship Program connects Kansas City communities to environmental knowledge and resources while improving environmental literacy in watershed health, plant identification, biodiversity, community engagement, green infrastructure, how to safely interact with wildlife in the city and land use. In addition, it increases community engagement within civic organizations who work to alleviate poverty by building capacity in order to protect natural areas for the enjoyment of all.

Below we have answered some of the frequently asked questions. For more information contact or our Outdoor Education Coordinator