Green Guard Stewardship Program

About the program

Heartland Conservation Alliance’s Green Guard Stewardship Program connects community members to nature in their neighborhood and teaches them how to take care of it. In turn, preserving their natural areas helps them preserve their local identity. An appreciation for nature is a social value that can be learned from the stewards we train as they work in their community. As one’s sense of place evolves so does the pride they take in their community.  In February 2016, Heartland Conservation Alliance launched its first class of stewards partnering with East High School.

Spring 2021 Workshops

Community members, teachers, students, business owners, and any other stakeholders are invited to join our Spring 2021 workshops! These workshops are for neighborhood residents who are interested in restoring vacant lots in their own communities. Stewards will work with environmental professionals in non-profit organizations, city departments, corporations and state agencies. The possibilities are limitless once we start connecting!

March 13 - March 27 - April 10 - April 24

Time: 1 - 3PM

  • Earn community service hours

  • Hands-on learning from local experts

  • Gain real knowledge and tools for your projects

Past Green Guard Programs

The Green Guard Stewardship Program has been in Ivanhoe, Blue Valley, Marlborough and Seven Oaks Neighborhoods. The class convenes once a week for 10-12 weeks each spring and fall. The program provides a stipend, water bottle and resources each week. Our partners help teach each class, exposing community members to a wide array of expertise and opportunities. The Green Guard Stewardship Program connects Kansas City communities to environmental knowledge and resources while improving environmental literacy in watershed health, plant identification, biodiversity, community engagement, green infrastructure, how to safely interact with wildlife in the city and land use. In addition, it increases community engagement within civic organizations who work to alleviate poverty by building capacity in order to protect natural areas for the enjoyment of all.

Below we have answered some of the frequently asked questions. For more information contact Sarah at or at 816-349-9201.


East High School Green Guard, 2019

Frequently asked questions

Will there be Green Guard classes in 2021?

Yes! HCA will be co-hosting a series of Green Guard workshops on site with MY REGION WINS!, and Dunbar Farms. If you're interested in participating contact Sarah at or fill out the form above.

Who should participate?

We welcome community members, officials, teachers, local business owners and anyone else who wants to learn and have a voice in conservation! Our program is designed so students and adults can learn together. Anyone 14 years or older is welcome; younger participants must be accompanied by a family member 14 years or older. We encourage those who are interested to contact Sarah at for more information.

Does it cost anything?

NO! Our program is free and will always be free. We are thankful for our sponsors and funders that help us provide this program to you at no cost. You will receive a small stipend at the end of the program because of the generous support of our partners.

What if I want to participate, but don't like all of the things that come with being out in nature?

It starts with learning about yourself and seeing how you fit in with the environment. It won't take long for you to be naturally drawn to the outdoors. This program will be a great start for you to learn more about nature and all the benefits it provides to you and your community (e.g. clean air, water, a place to recreate, a place to relax and habitat for wildlife).


Marlborough Green Guard, 2019

East High School

Spring 2019

2016 –2018

Seven Oaks