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About the Action Plan Process

Action Areas were defined by examining information from the Mid- America Regional Council’s (MARC) Natural Resources Inventory for the Kansas City area and from the Kansas City area Forest Conservation and Restoration Priorities map that was partially derived from an extensive i-Tree Eco study.


The Action Areas were determined because they:

• are highly visible to the public
• offer public access to the Blue River
• represent important habitat
• provide good opportunities to enhance stormwater
• are located in and will benefit underserved
• provide opportunities to advance social and
environmental equity

2020 Action Plan Committee Members: Adison Banks, Kelly Blandford, Laurie Brown, Jill Erickson, Ian Fanin-Hughes, Molly Gosnell, Brian Nowotny, Ann Pai, Scott Schulte, Stephen Van Rhein.

2019 Action Plan Committee Members: Wendy Sangster, Joy Ellsworth, Laurie Brown, Edd Brown, Adison Banks, Jill Erickson, Scott Schulte, Stephen Van Rhein, Bill Fessler, Ian Fannin Hughes, Molly Gosnell.

2016 Action Plan Committee Members: Wendy Sangster, Caitlin Dix, Crew Schuster, Tom Jacobs, Jill Erickson , Roberta Vogel-Leutung, Scott Schulte, Stephen Van Rhein, Jeremy Peichel, Ginny Moore


Photo courtesy of Pat Whalen.

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